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3 Causes of Roof Damage

Maintaining a healthy building has a lot to do with the quality of roof care and the time that we put into inspecting its health. When a roof becomes defective due to damage, a lack of inspections can mean that the problem is able to develop to the point where it is either impossible or expensive to fix. Here are the 3 most common causes of roof damage so you know what to do to prevent it…

  1. Poor Maintenance

As we mentioned above, inspecting your roof on a regular basis is just as important as paying the bills because, without regular check-ups, you are going to end up with one massive bill on your hands. Even fixing small leaks and minor repairs as you go along is known to prevent major problems in the future.

  1. Ice Damage

Ice and snow is one of the most problematic kinds of weather when it comes to a roofs lifespan. This is because they both tend to thaw on a roofs surface, meaning that water particles are free to settle under the shingles. As the water refreezes, the shingles lift which paves the way for water damage, allowing corrosion to occur slowly.

  1. Wind Damage

As a roof is outside, it is usually the weather which affects it the most. Wind is known to weaken the shingles, nails and materials which keep a roof together. In fact, harsh winds are known to completely tear roofs off a building and send them flying through the air. Fixing this can be very costly and, most of the time, a new roof needs to be installed. Always inspect the quality of your roofing materials after particularly heavy winds.

Here at Valent Roofing, we want to ensure that our customers get the most out of their roof. Knowing what to look out for and how often to inspect their building means clients are able to endure peace of mind with their purchase. Get in contact with the experts in industrial roofing today to find out more information!

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