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Looking for a reliable cladding service in Stockport and the surrounding areas? As part of our dedication to providing the finest roofing and cladding services no matter what, we here at Valent Roofing incorporate the very latest technology into all of our designs to create an end result you can be proud of every time. We also make full use of built-up metal cladding systems which can be either assembled on site or supplied as composite systems at your convenience, guaranteeing that all work on your industrial roofing and cladding is carried out as quickly and efficiently as possible.

We employ the use of top quality Kingspan architectural wall panels which are separately insulated before they’re used in the construction of your brand new industrial exterior cladding, reducing the hassle and additional cost of insulating your building separately. What’s more, all of the Kingspan products that we put to use in our expert cladding services include secret fix wall panels suitable for all building applications, and insulated panels which are fire safe and fibre free to ensure your exterior cladding is as risk free as it can be.

Our roofing and cladding services Stockport-wide utilise tile-effect steel sheets, which give a more attractive and professional aesthetic than simple corrugated panels often seen on most industrial buildings. This makes sure that your exterior cladding not only performs to a top standard but looks the part too!

Industrial Cladding

If you’re looking to refurbish the outside of a property with existing exterior cladding, you’ll definitely want to look into what our cladding services could do. We’re able to supply specialist engineers highly trained and experienced in stripping away all old exterior cladding in Stockport, including the secure removal and disposal of asbestos materials which are replaced with safer, more modern material choices.

Re-cladding your older buildings and having brand new industrial roofing and cladding is a smart choice and makes good business sense, as it allows you to gain a modern-looking and safe structure which will help to improve your company image.

If you have queries about any of our cladding services or the many top quality industrial roofing and cladding products we use, please inquire online via the contact form on our website or call us on 0161 864 3311.

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