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Rainwater Goods

Here at Valent Roofing we provide a number of rainwater goods for all your roofing needs. We know that the weather can play havoc with industrial roofing without adequate protection. Which is why we ensure that all of our roofs come equipped with rainwater goods that are strong, durable and able to provide the best protection for your roofing investments.

Our experienced team at Valent work closely with manufacturers to ensure all our products are of the highest quality. We will advise on the best options for your facilities in order to keep the weather from causing damage that will be costly and time consuming to amend. We believe that when you invest in industrial roofing, the best form of protection is preventative rainwater goods rather than waiting for the weather to cause damage.

We provide a huge range of solutions to help protect roofing systems from adverse weather. From angle gutters to downpipes, square rainwater systems to branches, bends and brackets. We also supply water saving technologies as well as leaf protection to help remove the need for time-consuming maintenance, especially during the winter.

All of our rainwater systems re manufactured to British Standard Specifications and can be used across any industrial and commercial and come with a range of benefits.

These benefits include a consistent finish and colour with enough durability to require minimal maintenance; tough and lightweight materials allow for easy installation; a comprehensive range of systems, colours and fittings means that installation can match the aesthetic of any structure.

An experienced team member will meet you at your property in order to properly advise you on which rainwater goods will best suit you. Once you have decided on which products will best suit you and your budget then our professional engineers will install everything quickly with little interruption to your everyday running.

Find out more about our products by visiting our site or by talking with one of our team members over the phone today.

If you have queries about any of our services or the products we use, please contact us via the contact us form, or call us on 0161 864 3311.

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