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5 Most Common Gutter Repairs

An important part of keeping your roof in good shape is gutter maintenance. Now we’re coming out of the back end of a long and harsh winter in the UK – one that has seen plenty of rain, sleet and snow – it’s time to make sure your gutters are properly functioning.

Knowing the main causes of gutter repairs is the key to avoiding them:

  1. Loose or Missing Gutters

High winds, combined with rain and snow can cause gutters to become loose or even to detach completely. If some sections have become overrun with debris, this extra weight can also cause gutters to come away from their attachments. If you do have any loose or missing gutters, they can cause serious damage to your roof and sides of your building as overflow now spills directly onto these areas.

  1. Clogged Gutters

In order for your gutters to do their job they need to be clear of any and all debris. Leaves are the most common build up, but also mould, bird’s nests and vegetation can find their way into your guttering and cause a blockage. With blockages removed, gutters can allow water to flow freely and not cause any damage to your building.

  1. Leaks

Rough weather, sunlight and frost can cause gutters to crack, ultimately leading to them leaking. Leaks can be easily repaired with silicone sealant applied to the inside and outside of the damaged gutter.

  1. General Wear and Tear

Over time your guttering is going to face corrosion, holes, sagging and leaking. These will occur naturally due to the nature of their function. Without regularly checking your guttering and maintaining them, this will cause them to fail quickly and more often. If your system feels beyond repair, then it may be more cost effective to have a new system crafted by an industrial roofing company.






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