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Are flat roofs better protected from storms?

With the UK in the midst of one of its stormiest summers on record, more and more people have been asking if their flat roofing solutions are secure enough to stand up to such severe weather conditions.

The UK is currently seeing large amounts of rainfall all across the country. This wet and windy summer is straight off the back of last year’s summer that saw unprecedented heatwaves, where the UK saw some of its most minimal rainfall and some parts of Britain going two months without any rainfall at all. The summer of 2018 was so dry that forest fires ravaged up and down the UK and droughts caused havoc for farmers.

The current heavy rainfall has seen a number of towns flooded, with residents having to evacuate their homes; most notably, the residents of Whaley bridge who had to evacuate their homes as emergency work was required to repair the Toddbrook Reservoir dam in Derbyshire as up to 300 million gallons of water threatened to burst through and destroy the town.

It is no coincidence that the storms in the UK all have names, this is part of an initiative by the Met Office called ‘name our storms’ which aims to raise the general public’s awareness of impending severe weather. With such diverse and damaging weather patterns becoming increasingly popular across the UK, it is important that our flat roofing solutions are able to withstand the punishment brought on by mother nature.

Can flat roofs withstand gale force winds?

Flat roofs are able to avoid a large amount of the punishment from gale force winds which slanted roofs have to bear.

We don’t just ensure all our roofs are constructed to the best standard, but that they are also regularly maintained so no new damage can threaten the integrity of the building.

If a roof is not kept in good condition, it opens itself up to further damage from adverse weather conditions. Some damage can be difficult to spot; if your flat roof’s membrane has suffered any damage then water may be able to penetrate it and soak into the building below. And with such heavy rainfall currently continuing to fall, this can quickly escalate into a much more expensive problem to fix.

All our roofs are made from high-quality and durable materials so that you will be safe in the knowledge that even through the harshest storms that nature can throw at us here in the UK, you will remain safe and dry underneath your industrial roofing in Manchester.  


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