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Benefits of industrial partitioning

For offices and warehouses that want to better utilise their space, industrial partitioning can provide the perfect solution. From simple dividing walls to segregating several areas, partitioning can do it all.

As businesses grow it is important that they can expand their team, adding new team members or even adding whole new divisions to their operation to deal with new challenges that face growing companies. You don’t want your employees to be packed into a small space, it does little to promote a good work environment and can leave your workforce feeling squeezed in and unproductive.

Why should I choose industrial partitioning?

  • Partitioning can better utilise space that is already available to a company without having to move to a completely new office, which can be a costly and time-consuming endeavour.
  • Partitioning installation is not a disruptive or lengthy process. Our team install partitioning quickly and efficiently with additional soundproofing qualities. This is a major benefit to noisy warehouses that need to help reduce their noise pollution levels for both staff health and safety and for those that live nearby.
  • Partitioning is also key in providing privacy and separating work environments for key personnel and to prevent any cross contamination, which can be a key point to warehouse operations.
  • Not all partitions need to be opaque. We also include glazed partitioning units to allow natural light in.
  • Partitioning can also be installed on mezzanine floor areas, better utilising floor space below.
  • All of our partitioning systems come with fire retardant options which can delay the spread of fire by staving off hot flames for 30-60 minutes, creating a life saving barrier in the event of an emergency in your workplace.
  • To top it all off, partitioning is also aesthetically pleasing, transforming your workspace into a more enjoyable and appealing location without having to break the bank in order to do so.

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