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Busting the Roofing Myths

Within the industrial roofing industry, there have been many myths spread from person to person for many years. In fact, some of these myths have made their way outside of the industry. These false facts may be stopping you from getting the roof that you want- however today, we’re going be to busting a few of these myths once and for all…

Myth: You can fix your own roof

Repairing a roof, especially an industrial roof, requires an extensive amount of knowledge and expertise- and the people who do this best are the professionals. This means that they will have had training to be scaling the roofs of large industrial buildings and will use the necessary safety equipment. Nobody except a professional should attempt to fix their own roof, regardless of whether it is an industrial or residential roof.

Myth: Metal roofs are not aesthetically pleasing

Metal roofs are known for their durability and resistance to the effect of external factors such as cracking, fading and even corrosion. Metal has never really been admired for its beauty. Despite this, we now have a wide range of colour and styles available in order to smarten up the appearance of metal roofing.

Myth: Roof repairs cost too much

Long story short, a roof repair only tends to be costly when the owner does not schedule regular maintenance and check-ups. The earlier a problem with a roof is detected, especially on an industrial roof, the less time and money it will cost to fix. With regular maintenance and repairs, issues should never go undetected and left until a situation becomes dire.

Here at Valent Roofing, we would like all of our present customers and potential customers to be able to tell fact from myth when it comes to everything industrial roofing related, which is why we have placed emphasis on the importance of regular repair and maintenance. Get in contact with the experts today for more information!


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