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Universal Success | Industrial roofing

If you ever find you ever find yourself looking for the best quality industrial roofing solutions, look no further than us. We know a thing a thing or two when it comes to this industry. The roofing business has definitely come a long way and we’re talking centuries long. Whether it’s your workplace or your home, of course you want a brilliant and reliable roofing service as with this hectic weather, we need to be as prepared as possible. Due to its nature in protecting your building, the material that is used in today’s roofing supplies is of the highest standard; not only does it defend your building from unnecessary water damage, it also gives it a modern and more stylish look…can it get any better than that?

It’s no surprise that roofing, as a whole, has been praised for what it’s doing for businesses and homeowners alike. Industrial roofing is the name that’s on everyone’s lips at the moment and why not? When it’s raining heavily, which is an age old UK tradition; a solid roof prevents any water from creeping its way in and actually indirectly improves company sales too, mainly because the image of the company looks more professional and inviting.

Industrial roofing is exactly what we specialise in, here at Valent Roofing. The number of positives it can offer is just endless and I wouldn’t be surprised if people had it on their homes either! If you’re interested in the latest in roofing then keep the water at bay by getting in touch with us.



A 21st Century Business | Industrial Cladding

Offering an extensive range of services such as industrial cladding is extremely important to us. When working for a business, we always strive to perform better than expected but this is usually in terms of enquiries; the building that you work from should also be taken into account, as it creates a big impact on your company’s image. With colleagues, guests and potential clients in the office (sometimes all at once), it’s important that they are completely comfortable during their stay and this might seem like an easy enough process, but it’s not all about popping the kettle on and opening a pack of biscuits, there is much more to think about.

From the outside, your office building projects the image of the company; if it was old and decrepit then a client might be a little sceptical, but if it looked modern and inviting then the client would be excited to enter. This is just one of the many reasons why industrial cladding works so well, not only for residential use but for industrial and commercial use as well.

Wall cladding not only improves the display of the building, making it look comfortable and welcoming but it also provides an excellent thermal advantage. Our entire wall cladding panels contains built-in insulation technology, which keeps your building at a moderate temperature and ensuring that you won’t lose heat during the cold, winter months. There’s nothing worse than working somewhere where it’s absolutely freezing is there?

If its industrial cladding you’re looking for then Valent Roofing are certainly the one for your business, you can reach us on 0161 864 3311 and we’ll be happy to discuss any of our available services in more depth.

A Fluent System | Rainwater Goods

If you are looking for rainwater goods, then look no further. When it comes to purchasing something new, be it small or large, we want to ensure that we are getting the best deal possible because nobody likes buying something from somewhere or someone and finding a better deal down the line do they? Another important thing is to look out for other services that someone provides and although some of these services are only small, they are usually a fantastic addition. That’s the exact service you will be getting if you choose Valent Roofing as your roofing specialists, all of our extras are great additions.

Roofing itself is one the biggest upcoming services in the 21st Century, we specialise predominantly in industrial and commercial roofing, so if you’re looking to improve the building your business operates from then you have certainly arrived at the right place use this link. When we install a roof for a customer, we always recommend our various other services as well and only because they are a good extra. Rainwater goods are one of our other services and this service is completely sustainable and environmentally-friendly; it consists of sectional and continuous aluminium gutters and downpipes so that your workplace will have a free-flowing system.

Good quality rainwater goods and guttering are always a welcome addition to an already solid roof service, if you’re interested then just give us a call today on 0161 864 3311 and we’ll be happy to discuss our services further with you.

An Extensive Service | Partitioning

Have you considered partitioning? Well it’s always a good being able to choose from a variety of different things and in this case, roofing services. Having a selection of different things that all have a positive impact is definitely the one for you; in fact it’s the one for everyone who is in the market for a brand new roofing system.

Whether it’s an industrial or a residential building, having a solid and reasonable service to provide the right image is always required, industrial in particular since many businesses throughout the UK and in Manchester need to convey that they are serious in their agenda. A lot of people are completely put off by the idea of roofing and specifically partitioning since it can be seen as an ‘extra’, it is always a regrettable decision not to get a fantastic roofing service and anything extra is always a good option. I guess it’s the price that can leave heads scratching, but you don’t have to pay extortionate prices to get a wonderful service, it’s all about finding the right deal.

Partitioning is not a service that many roofing companies provide, due it being inside the actual building, but it certainly proves it’s worth it time and time again. As an addition to our comprehensive roofing and cladding services, partitioning is optional, but we highly recommend it as it’s extremely lightweight yet strong, boasts excellent insulation and is fire protected, sounds like it’s up everyone’s street. One thing that we do here at Valent Roofing is not only providing a good service, but we will match and design the specific requirements for your building, so everything will be exact.

Get in touch with us today and whether it’s a query about partitioning or any of our available services; you can reach us on 0161 864 3311 and with a dedicated team to answer your call right at end, you’ll be going away with no unanswered questions.



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