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The Dangers of a Leaking Roof

The roof is the most important part of a house, building or property. After all, it protects against the external elements that have the ability to cause serious damage. From vicious vandals who want to cause havoc to mother nature’s wrath resulting in the need for drastic repairs, it always pays to be prepared. Here are a few dangers that can be come about due to a leak in your roof…


For most people the attic is extra space within the home to store things that we do not need at the present moment such as Christmas decorations, Halloween decorations, family memorabilia and tools. Due to this a leak can lead to the of personal items as extensive water damage is often irreversible. In addition to this, constant water damage to the attic can lead to safety risks which are often expensive to fix.


In order for them to grow, spores of mould require moisture and a leaky roof provides just that. In fact, mould is one of the most serious and long term effects that can result from a leak in your roof and may invade everything from walls and carpets to furniture and clothing. Whilst toxic black mould is rare, black mould in general is the most common result of water intrusion.


With regards to the topic of mould within the home, when it is left untreated mould can actually lead to some pretty serious health problems, particularly for those who are sensitive to such environments. From nasal congestion to asthma, mould can affect a range of different people in different ways and can even cause pneumonia.


We are always told that water and electrics should be kept as far away from one another as possible however if you have a roof leak that you are not aware off it is only a matter of time until the water manages to reach your electric system. Not only can this be dangerous if it shorts the wires, it can be a costly fix. Once you spot a leaky roof you should always turn off your electricity supply until an electrician has deemed it free from damage.

Whilst our expertise here at Valent Roofing lies within the world of industrial roofing, we want to make it clear how dangerous a leak can be in any type of roof. Whether you have metal or slate, the risk of damage is still the same. If you think that you could be under threat, contact a member of the team today!


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