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Different Types of Roofs

As architecture and modernisation continues to develop the variety of roof designs that you can choose from increases. After all, if we all had the exact same roof the world would be an incredibly boring place. As the experts in all things roofing related the team here at Valent Roofing have decided to go over two of the most common roofing designs and two of the most modern roofing designs. Read on to find out more information…


The planes in a curved roof are shaped in order to create a modern and unique design that can vary from a subtle curve to an attraction grabbing arch. The main reason that people tend to opt for a curved roof is due to the weather as these designs can be great at ensuring that rainfall and snow does not settle on the surface and cause damage.


As a V-Shaped roof, the butterfly design is the most out of the box design that modernisation has created. After all, it doesn’t fall in line with traditional designs. With this said, the upper angles allow the property to be fitted with larger windows, thus providing much more natural light. Of course, it is important to consider the costs associated with a modern roofing design as it is often more expensive to have a butterfly roof constructed and the maintenance is often pricier too.


Just like a pyramid, all four sides of this roof type come together in order to create a point which means that are no vertical sides to be seen. They tend to be best suited towards small properties like bungalows however it is not uncommon to see them used in garages too. The pyramid roof is renowned for its strong wind resistance however due to its complexity it can also be a costly investment.


As the name suggests, these types of roofs are completely flat with no pitch in them. They are the most common choice when it comes to industrial buildings as they are material friendly and the most sustainable design. With this said, they can be problematic when it comes to the weather as the low pitch makes a flat roof more susceptible to water pooling and leaks.

Valent Roofing wants to make sure that all of our readers and clients understand the variety of choice available on the market when it comes to their roof. With this said, it is vital that your aesthetic decision also factors in practical elements like removing rainwater to prevent moisture damage. To find out more information or speak to a member of the team, get in contact with the industrial roofing experts at Valent today!


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