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Famous Roofs Across the Globe

We have been placing roofs on the top of buildings since the beginning of time. After all, scouring for shelter from the elements is all part of human survival and some of the most intricate designs in the history of roofing were crafted hundreds of years ago, cementing their place as the most famous roofs across the globe. Read on to find out more about the roofs that managed to make our top three…

The Sydney Opera House, Sydney, Australia

Adorned with unique curved panels, the Sydney Opera House has got to be one the most famous designs in the history of architecture. After all, it took 14 years to build and cost over 100 million Australian dollars. Interestingly, the panels are formed from concrete and covered with tiles from Sweden, which give it the distinct glossy appearance it is known for.

St Stephen’s Cathedral, Vienna, Austria

Tourists are often shocked to discover the statistics behind St Stephens Cathedral in Austria. After all, it is made up of at least 230,000 multicoloured tiles and uses 600 metric tons of steel in order to support it. The famous spectacle was completed a very long time ago in 1160 and is a must-see symbol of the city for any visitor in Vienna.

Domed Blue Roofs, Santorini, Greece

Providing both aesthetic and practical value, the domed blue roofs that can be found in Greece are a wonder to behold. In fact, they have reflective abilities which serve to keep people inside cool in the hot climate. Plus, the dome shop is also effective at allowing rainwater to roll off and be caught so that it can be repurposed during the Grecian summer.

Whilst our industrial roofing here at Valent Roofing may not be as detailed as some of the most famous roofs across the globe, we put our heart and soul into every roof we design. After all, we understand how important they are and recognise that it is our responsibility to deliver a finished product to be proud of. To find out more information, get in contact with a member of the Valent Roofing team today!


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