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Interesting Facts About Slate You Never Knew

As the most common roofing material on the market, slate was first formed 500 million years ago as deep-water mudstones that were uplifted and folded in order to form the rock we know and recognise today. Here at Valent Roofing, our expertise may lie within the industrial roofing industry, however we also know a lot about residential roofing too. After all, it is important that we are able to help our clients when and wherever possible. Read on as we go through five interesting facts about slate you probably never knew…

  1. It Is Weather Resistant

Slate is the most popular roofing material due its ability to withstand even the most brutal weather conditions. In fact, it is widely renowned for its durability against freezing air and lack of absorption qualities when it comes to water. This makes it the perfect roofing material for properties in unpredictable or wet climates.

  1. Slate Is A Metamorphic Rock

Created during a process known as metamorphism, slate is known as a metamorphic rock. This means that it changed in form during its development. In fact, all slate starts as a protolith rock, like mudstone or shale, and is subjected to mild heat and pressure in order to cause profound chemical and physical changes to take place. Subsequently, this creates slate.

  1. It Comes In A Variety Of Colours

Whilst the majority of slate is grey and can be found in range of different grey shades, it is also possible to find slate in green, red, black, purple and brown colours too. In fact, the colour is determined and influenced by the levels of iron and organic matter that can be found in the composition of the rock.

  1. Children In The 19th Century Used Slate In School

Until the late 19th century, school children would use a piece of slate that was surrounded by a wooden frame in order to practice arithmetic and writing as paper was unaffordable. In fact, this is where phrases like ‘start with a clean slate’ and ‘wipe the slate clean’ came from in modern linguistics.

  1. Slate Has A Long Lifespan

A well installed and regularly maintained slate roof can last between 75 and 200 years, which means that it is an investment for the future. After all, no other roofing material comes close in regard to both longevity and durability.

Slate is an incredibly underrated material when it comes to roofing. After all, it is not only fire and mould resistant, it is the most economically beneficial option on the market, especially in comparison to alternatives like shingles. Here at Valent Roofing, we want to educate and inform our readers as much as we can so that they can make an educated roofing decision. To find out more information about slate, get in contact with the industrial roofing experts at Valent Roofing today!


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