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All You Need To Know About Solar Panels

Homeowners are always looking for ways to save themselves money on household bills. Gas and electricity prices consistently rise and it becomes more and more expensive to heat houses responsibly throughout the winter. Solar panels have existed for quite a while but are still a rare sight. How is it that a seemingly obvious money saving device is out there but is used so rarely?


Visuals – Up until now solar panels are large monstrosities that generally don’t fit the aesthetic of the houses they adorn. The black rectangular panels are all of a similar design and risk reducing the value of a house even though they are a benefit to the house’s functionality.


The solar panels are fitted on top of the already existing roof tiles; requiring holdings to be drilled into the roof itself. This means that you may lose a warranty on a roof by having them installed.


Cost – Installing solar panels on your home is definitely looking to the future. You may not see the benefits on your energy bills for a few years as installation costs may take a long time to pay off.


Whilst being expensive additions to current houses they also aren’t being considered on new builds. You would think the idea of utilising free energy too hard to pass up. So do the costs simply outweigh the benefits?


Environment – As homeowners become more environmentally savvy the thought of your house creating its own clean energy must surely be appealing to a buyer. The evolution of solar panels has been seemingly slow but designers are starting to acknowledge peoples’ aversions to the aesthetically unpleasing panels and have begun producing solar panelled tiles. These tiles integrate with the current roof tiles reducing high installation costs and fit nicely with the aesthetic of the building.


The market for solar energy is growing more and more each year, and our industrial roofing costs can be found online.

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