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Potential Problems With Metal Roofing

Although it comes with its downfalls, a metal roof is not only considered an extremely durable choice of material, it is thought to be one of the most eco-friendly options available on the market. With this said, metal roofing require little maintenance however some people mistake this for no maintenance and a roof that is neglected often presents with a range of different issues. Here are some of the potential problems that a metal roof can develop…


Whilst a leaky roof is not an issue that only occurs with metal roofing, it is a much more common problem in comparison to alternative roofing materials like shingles. This is because it is largely down to poor quality installation where gaps have been left in between and therefore allowed rainwater to get into a property. Minor leaks can be fixed easily however if they are not dealt with promptly a minor leak can quickly become a large one.


Metal roofing is not invincible so if it is not taken care of properly it can lead to range of different issues that could have been avoided with simple and regular maintenance. Take puncture holes for example; low quality metal, harsh weather conditions and even general wear and tear can lead to holes forming in a metal roof and this paves the perfect entrance for anything from water to animals.


Many warehouses and factories are equipped with a flat roof which means that ponding is always going to be a potential issue, especially during heavy rainfall or snowfall. Ponding occurs when water has no way to run off a roof so it settles in a pool or pond on top. Not only can this weaken the metal roofing, it can lead to entire replacement which is why you should always check for ponding after haphazard weather conditions.

Roofing is one of the most important aspects of a property which is why it is vital that you take the time to ensure that your new roof is as high quality as it can possibly be. After all, cutting corners is only going to lead to more problems later down the road. As the experts in industrial roofing, the team here at Valent Roofing understand a metal roof like the back of our hands so if you are suffering from any of the issues above, get in contact today!


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