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Protecting Your Roof Against the Wind

Mother Nature can be brutal and it is usually our manmade structures that suffer at her hands, with houses facing the most damage. From heavy rainfall and the weight of snow to inhumanely strong winds it is safe to say that our homes don’t stand much of a chance against her! In order to try and fight the battle however there are a few preventative methods that can be put in place in order to protect your roof during dangerous weather. Read on to find out more…


If there are any weak spots in your roof the wind will take advantage of it so it is important to inspect your material to ensure that it is firmly in place. Whilst strong wind can still cause damage, inspecting damaged areas in advance of the weather gives you chance to try and fix it and therefore reduce the severity of the damage.


Strong winds can cause a lot of damage to different aspect of the roof and many people often forget about their gutters. In fact, wind can cause your gutter to completely tear away from the roof which is why you should take special measures in order to ensure that they are firmly in place before a storm arrives.


During strong winds the risk of a tree failing increases greatly which is why you should ensure that any trees in danger of falling on your roof are taken into consideration. If the forecast is particularly worrying you may have to call in an expert to remove the tree! After all, a tree that falls on your roof can do more than remove a few tiles.

Here at Valent Roofing we know how expensive it can be to fix a wind wrecked roof which is why we want all of our readers to put these safety measures into place in order to try and prevent the damage in the first place! After all, industrial roofing might be durable but mother nature is brutal! To find out more, get in contact with a member of the team today!


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