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Roofing Terminology

Here at Valent Roofing, we understand how difficult it must be as a client when the experts in a particular industry begin using their own internal jargon to discuss things related to your project. That’s why the team here have put together a list of the most used phrases within the roofing industry…

Angled Fasteners: These are roofing nails and staples which are driven into the decks at specific angles instead of being parallel.

Blistering: This is what bubbles/pimples in roofing materials are called. The occurrence of blistering is usually related to moisture.

Eaves: A separation between the roofs edge to the fascia which is used for storage. Generally, the first 3 feet across a general roof is called an eave.

Hand Sealing: A method that is used in order to assure shingles are sealed on very steep slopes, areas with strong wind and when installation is being completed during cold weather.

Nesting: When a second layer of shingles aligns with the original roof, it is called nesting and helps to avoids shingle cupping.

Step Flashing: The name for the installation of metal flashing pieces located at the sidewalls and on chimneys in order to weatherproof the roof.

Valleys: The area when two slopes on the roof planes intersect and form a  ‘V’ shaped depression in the roof.

Now you’re up to date on all the popular terms we used, get in contact with the best of the best in industrial roofing today! Our team would be happy to answer any questions you may have!

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