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Signs That Your Roof Has Water Damage

As the most dangerous type of roofing related damage, the last thing that any property owner wants to find is water damage. After all, without immediate help from a professional the issue can fester and become much more difficult to rectify in a cost-effective manner. Here at Valent Roofing, we are incredibly familiar with roofs that have been affected by water damage and we think that it is important that every property owner can spot the signs. Read on as a we go over some of the immediate indications that your home has been infiltrated by water damage…

Water Spots and Leaks

The most common way to tell that you have water damage inside your home is by keeping an eye out for water spots/stains on the walls. After all, this is often a sign that you have a leak somewhere in your roof and it requires immediate attention by a roofing contractor. Generally, the stains often appear brown in colour but can also appear as rust-coloured rings around the edges of vents, walls and ceilings.

Missing Shingles

Your roof is the backbone of your property and is the first line of defence against the elements. As a result, missing shingles are often a sign that your roof has endured substantial damage, leaving your property vulnerable to water damage. The more time that passes before the shingles are replaced, the more damage that take places to your property, so it is important that you call out a contractor as soon as possible.

Blocked Gutters

Although gutters are not directly related to the roof itself, they help filter rainwater away from the roofing material and into the drains. In fact, they are an essential component involved in keeping your roof healthy and that is why it is important to ensure that they aren’t blocked by leaves and debris. After all, a blocked gutter means that the rainwater cannot be filtered away and as a result, it will settle on your roof, causing considerable damage to the roofing material. If you notice that your gutters are blocked, you should inspect your roof for signs of water damage; in general, the material should feel firm and secure rather than soft and spongy.

When it comes to roofing maintenance, water is something that you want to protect against at all times. After all, when you leave your roof to its own defences it is vulnerable and will not be able to protect your home like it should do. Here at Valent Roofing, we know how crippling water damage can be both physically and financially which is why we want our readers to be able to recognise the early signs. To find out more information, get in contact with the industrial roofing experts at Valent Roofing today!


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