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Pros and Cons of Metal Roofing

Sometimes it can be hard to make an executive decision when there are different advantages and disadvantages floating around. This factual blog is going to give you the pros and cons of metal roofing without any contradictions…


  • When they are properly installed, a metal roof can be expected to last as long as the building. It will help keep out water, can survive strong winds and will easily be able to cope under heavy snowfall. In addition to this, metal is also impermeable to insects and rot.


  • The weight of metal roofing varies between 50 to 150 pounds and compared to tile which stands at an average of 750 pounds or concrete coming in at a hefty 900 pounds. These statistics show that metal is a fairly lightweight roofing material.


  • Metal roofing is non-combustible and as such, have been awarded as Class A fire rating which classes it as the most resistant. This means that metal roofing is fire resistance, giving the owner of a building some peace of mind about their property.


  • Depending on the size of the roof you have to cover, metal roofing can be a costly investment. Despite this, the material is almost always guaranteed to last for around 20 years, so what you splash out now, you save in the future.


  • Rainfall can be particular noisy with metal roofing and inside large warehouses or industrial buildings, this noise can echo considerably- sound cancelling insulation is a possibility to limit this however.

Here at Valent Roofing,  we offer expert roofing installations and repairs. If you’re in need of speedy and efficient roofing services at very competitive rates, look no further than the best of the best in industrial roofing! Get in contact today!

Valent Value

Valent Value

One major advantage of the incredible industrial roofing that we’re able to provide is definitely to do with the value that even a small amount of refurbishment can bring. You’d be shocked to know just how much up to date industrial roofing can do for your home with regards to its value, so it’s a wise investment even if you’re looking to sell sometime in the future!

What’s more, the value on your industrial roofing is always guaranteed to last, especially with the help of the team of experts found here at Valent Roofing. We can make the process of establishing a schedule of regular maintenance as easy as possible, and we consistently strive to make sure that your industrial roofing can stay completely up to date no matter what. Your property will only ever be increasing in value as time goes on.

Of course, value isn’t the only thing that our incredible industrial roofing can bring to your property, though we hope that goes without saying! We’ll always go that extra mile to ensure that you’re never left without roofing that’s completely ready for even the very worst storm, with expert waterproofing and highly resistant material choices both working together to ensure you never have to worry about a thing once you have a regular schedule of maintenance in place.

We’ll perform regular check-ups, catching any minor issues before they become a larger problem, and you’re practically guaranteed to be saving money. Couple that with the fact that all of our industrial roofing components incorporate unbeatable insulation, and you’ll hardly believe how low your energy bills can be kept. Just take the first step today, and give us a call!

Here at Valent Roofing, we’re always waiting to provide the very finest industrial roofing services and more so that your property can consistently see an increase in value while maintaining the highest standards of resistance. With the weather being so perpetually unpredictable, now’s the perfect time to invest, so make sure you don’t wait to get in contact as soon as you can!


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