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The Wrath of Ice and Snow

Whilst the weather is hardly dependable in the UK it is important to remember that snow and ice is going to strike eventually and if we aren’t prepared it has the potential to cause mayhem on the roads, pavements and even your roof! In fact, there are certain maintenance requirements that have to be carried out in the run up to winter in order to ensure that your roof remains in tip top condition…

Heavy Snow

When it snows in the UK it tends to fall in quite a large amount which means that it is very easy to be greeted with a thick layer one morning. Whilst this doesn’t usually last very longer, the weight of this snow can be extremely heavy and disastrous for your roof. The stress that large amounts of snow places on the structure of a roof can actually cause it to weaken and whilst the roof may survive the snow itself, heavy rainfall or strong winds in the future could be what causes serious damage. In addition to this, snow can also freeze and thaw which can damage the materials since it allows moisture to creep into places it shouldn’t be.


We don’t tend to get cold enough weather in the UK to deal with a lot of icicles however it is not uncommon for them to make an appearance, especially in the colder regions of the country. Not only are icicles incredibly dangerous if they snap and fall, they can be quite heavy on your gutter too. One way you can deal with them is to get a chisel and remove them yourself before they cause any serious damage.

Here at Valent Roofing we want our readers and clients to have a fully functioning and healthy roof for as long as they possibly can however there are a range of different ways that even the highest quality roof can be adversely affected by simple things like the weather. By preparing for the winter season and ensuring any repairs are carried out in advance, you can rest assured that your industrial roofing will be able to withstand the wrath of ice and snow! To find out more information or to speak to a member of the team, give us a call today!


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