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The Benefits of a Flat Roof

In the roofing industry, flat roofing tends to have a bad reputation. After all, it is an untraditional design that can go either way depending on the building you are dealing with. In fact, warehouses and factories are often topped with a flat roof due to the sheer enormity of them, however, statistics show that more residential properties are beginning to invest in them too. Here are a few benefits that a flat roof can provide…

Energy Efficiency

The design of a flat roof means that there is less empty space for energy to be lost through. After all, a pitched roof, such as those found in traditional residential homes, comes with an attic and this space is where most heat is lost. Luckily, a flat roof turns a property into a rectangular shape which makes it much easier to heat and cool.


A flat roof that is well reinforced can be utilised in a range of different ways. For example, the space can be turned into a garden, pool or even a place to store solar panels in order to generate environmentally friendly energy. In addition to this, there are dozens of different materials to choose from when it comes to flat roofing, only adding to the versatility of the roofing type.


Flat roofing may be vulnerable to damage such as pooling, however, they are incredibly easy to maintain. After all, they can be accessed very simply without the need for ladders, which means that property owners are less likely to put off maintenance and servicing requirements, therefore ensuring that any repairs are taken care of swiftly.

Although flat roofing is often overlooked in comparison to a traditional pitched roof, the experts suggest that they show great promise when it comes to longevity. In fact, a well-maintained flat roof can last for half a century, which makes them an incredibly cost effective investment! To find out more information, get in contact with the industrial roofing experts at Valent Roofing today.


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