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The Cause of Commercial Roofing Leaks

When it comes to roofing, you should ensure that you give it the full attention it requires. After all, neglect is a one way road to an unexpected repair bill or a full roofing replacement. Here at Valent Roofing, we deal with commercial roofing leaks on a regular basis, many of which can be easily prevented, and in this blog we have decided to go over some of the most common causes of this type of roofing damage. Read on to find out more information…

General Wear and Tear

As a roof ages, it begins to show signs of wear and tear that is expected by the roofing experts. After all, man-made items are susceptible to damage from the effects of mother nature. As a result of things like gaps in the roofing material , water is able to trickle into a property and cause moisture related damage. If your roof is particularly old, it may be more cost effective to consider a full replacement in order to prevent leaks.

A Lack of Maintenance

On the other hand, a young roof can begin to leak due to neglect and a lack of maintenance. As a property owner, it is your responsibility to call out the experts on a regular basis in order to ensure that your commercial roof is in full working order. The problem is that 70% of people do not do this, leaving their roof vulnerable to damage that goes undetected for months, or years, at a time. In fact, it is this damage that often results in leaks.


Since the majority of commercials roofs are flat, they are vulnerable to something known as pooling. This occurs when rainwater is unable to filter away from the surface of a roof and effectively begins to ‘pool’ on the top. It damages the roofing material due to the sheer weight of the water and ultimately causes the roof to leak. Thankfully, regular maintenance usually spots pooling before it becomes too advanced.

In order to ensure that your property is able to withstand the test of time, it is important that you take care of it. In fact, this is even more important when it comes to the roof. After all, without a healthy roof your entire property becomes vulnerable to the effects of mother nature. By following our top tips and ensuring that you are actively working to prevent moisture damage, the team here at Valent Roofing believe that your roof will defy all expectations. To find out more information, get in contact with the best industrial roofing experts around today!


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