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The Consequences of a Roofing Leak

As a property owner, it is important to remember that maintenance responsibilities are not something that can be brushed aside until another day. After all, a roof is essentially the backbone of a property and ensures that it is protected against the elements. Considered a worst-case scenario, water damage can wreak havoc on the interior and exterior of a building. Read on to find out some of the consequences of failing to act immediately after discovering that your roof has a leak…

Electrical Damage

Since moisture has the ability to travel far and wide within a property, it can also come into contact with electrical wiring very quickly and cause a lot of expensive damage. After all, the first thing we learn as a child is to keep water away from any electrical sockets. Whilst a roofer can repair the water damage, any electrical faults should be left to an electrician to rectify.

Mould Development

As one of the most prominent issues that a property can develop, mould and mildew pose a rather serious risk to the health and wellbeing of many homeowners. After all, it can grow on almost any surface that has been in contact with moisture for a prolonged period of time including walls, insulation, wooden beams and more. As a result, mould should be tended to promptly after discovery to prevent inhabitants getting ill.

Reduced Insulation

Keeping a home warm during the winter months is something that many property owners struggle with. After all, older houses tend to be badly built which means that they are often difficult to insulate. Since water damage caused by pooling can soak the insulation in an attic, a home can lose a significant amount of energy as a result because it simply cannot retain the heat. If the insulation in a property has been damaged by moisture, it should be replaced as soon as possible.

Since roofing damage can develop slowly, it is important to provide high-quality maintenance on a regular basis as this will help prevent easily rectifiable issues from developing into costly repair jobs. With this said, time is a virtue when it comes to water damage and the consequences will become progressively worse the longer an issue is not dealt with. To find out more information about how maintenance can help prevent the repercussions of water damage, get in contact with the industrial roofing experts at Valent Roofing today!


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