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The Importance of cleaning your roof

Roofs are made of stern stuff. Modern materials and developing techniques mean our roofs are able to stand up to some seriously harsh weather conditions, whether it be snow, hail, sleet, rain or high winds and baking heat, a quality roof should be able to brave the storm and keep your interior dry and warm.

That doesn’t mean that your roof isn’t without some requirements. Like the inside of our homes, which we clean diligently to make sure everything is ship shape and shiny, our roofs can also benefit from a little TLC.

Because our roofs tend to be out of sight, our responsibilities tend to be out of mind. But ensuring that your roof is kept clean can help extend its longevity guarantee and avoid damages from occurring that will incur costly repairs or replacements.

What are the benefits of cleaning my roof?

Keeping your roof clean and tidy doesn’t just provide functional benefits. Allowing moss to grow on your roof is a definite eyesore that depletes the aesthetical value of any property. When it is allowed to grow unchecked, it becomes the first thing people see as they approach your property creating an unwanted focal point.

Not only can moss create an eyesore, it can also grow into your roof and cause damage that won’t be easily identifiable due to the coverage provided by the moss itself. Having a regular cleaning schedule for your roof also brings you into close proximity with the roof, allowing you to keep an eye out for any problems that may be developing. This way you can catch anything unusual before it develops into something more costly.

How can I clean my roof?

The main reason that roofs tend to be one of the most overlooked parts of a building is the lack of accessibility. Fortunately, as we mentioned previously, roofs are hardy, requiring little maintenance so won’t need to be cleaned very frequently. Most roof cleaning schedules suggest once a month or even longer between cleaning, but we suggest developing a schedule as regular as possible to develop the habit of consistent cleaning and maintenance checks.

It is best to clean your roof in clear weather – you don’t want your cleaning products to be washed away before they can have any cleaning effect on your roof. Algae and moss are also much easier to clean away when it is dried which also emphasises the importance of exposing your roof to direct sunlight as often as possible.

Luckily, moss and algae, leaves and other debris are easy to clean off any roof. Most can be simply swept away but there are plenty of products available that will give your roof a deeper clean, without damaging the roof itself and leaving it looking better than ever. Always make sure you are clearing debris off completely and it is not getting caught in your guttering systems as this can just cause further problems.

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