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The Lowdown on Roofing Condensation

There are several different layers that make up high-quality roof, and each one must be implemented accordingly in order to provide property owners with the necessary protection from the elements. After all, the omission of just one of these layers can lead to devastating and expensive repercussions. In fact, insulation and ventilation play an important role in the prevention of condensation within a property. Read on as we go over everything there is to know about roofing condensation and why it is so damaging…

What is condensation?

When water changes from a gaseous form, known as water vapour, into a liquid form, the process is scientifically known as condensation. It commonly occurs on the inside of windows in residential properties when the warm air inside rises, cools and then loses its ability to hold water vapour. In fact, condensation can affect a wide range of different locations within a property as well as the windows, such as behind radiators, inside wardrobes and even on walls themselves.

Is condensation in a loft dangerous?

Since hot air rises, condensation can also occur in the loft where the water vapour will eventually settle into a liquid. With this said, the process is often more serious in these circumstances because it can affect the support beams that hold up a roof and lead to the development of dry rot, wet rot and black mould. As a result, the discovery of condensation should be followed by an in-depth investigation by a licenced roofer.

How can roofing condensation be prevented?

There are many reasons why condensation may be present inside a roof, such as too much insulation which may restrict the natural flow of air, hot water tanks releasing steam into a property, and blocked air vents. Luckily, condensation can be prevented with routine roofing inspections and regularly visiting the loft area of a property in order to ensure that the wooden beams are in tip top condition.

Here at Valent Roofing, our experts have the experience and skills necessary to complete a roofing job to the highest standard possible. With this said, it is vital that insulation and ventilation are taken into consideration where lofts are concerned as a lack of these can cause condensation to occur over time. To find out more information, get in contact with a member of the Valent Roofing team and speak to one of our industrial roofing experts today!


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