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The Signs of a Moisture Damaged Roof

The roof of a property is exposed to the elements all-year round which means that it is vulnerable to general wear and tear and must be regularly maintained to keep it in tip top condition. After all, neglecting your roof may be an easy solution but it can lead to serious repercussions as the materials that they are made from will deteriorate rapidly, particularly if they are exposed to continuous moisture. Read on as the team here at Valent Roofing go over three signs of a moisture-damaged roof…

Blistering Shingles

Since the material that your roof is made from is the first component that will come into contact with rainfall, it is important that homeowners carry out routine inspections. After all, blistering is the first sign that moisture is having an impact, particularly when it comes to cheaper materials like shingles. This causes the material to raise up, allowing further moisture to penetrate deeper into the structure of a roof.


Pitched roofs are designed to transport water away from the surface and prevent moisture damage, however this is not possible in flat roofing. As a result, many commercial and industrial buildings are susceptible to ‘pooling’ which occurs when rainwater settles on top of the material, gradually weakening it until the roof collapses. Since pooling can cause serious damage and puts the safety of workers at risk, it should be dealt with immediately.

Blocked Gutters

The gutter is a shallow trough that is fixed to the exterior of a property beneath the edge of the roof in order to carry rainwater away in a safe and reliable manner. With this said, they can become blocked with debris such as leaves and twigs fairly easily which will affect the efficiency of rainwater removal and puts the health of the roof at risk. As a result, homeowners should ensure that their gutters are regularly cleared.

Moisture can wreak havoc on both external and internal aspects of a roof which is why property owners should carry out regular inspections. After all, finding a problem early will reduce the amount of damage that takes place and will also make the necessary repairs much more affordable. To find out more information about preventing moisture damage, get in contact with the industrial roofing experts at Valent Roofing today!


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