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Tips for Metal Roof Cladding

Roof cladding is generally an additional form of roofing that is added in order to provide an extra layer of protection for the home. As well as serving as a waterproof layer and preventing other weather elements from destroying the interior of your home, roof cladding can also be used decoratively. In this blog, the team here at Valent Roofing are going to provide you with some expert tips and tricks when it comes to metal roof cladding…

  • In order to form a perfect weathertight metal roof clad, sealants should always be used. In fact, they are the most practical solution and are preferred due to the trend of lower pitches. The practice is carried out by sealing the end laps of roofing sheets together.


  • During installation of a metal roof and metal roof cladding, it is extremely important that all debris and drilling swarf is disposed of as it can be a cause of rust stains in the future if materials like broken off pop rivets, for example, are left to corrode on the surface.


  • It is common for some methods of sheet cutting can be damaging to the sheets and this in turn can affect the appearance and performance of a building’s roof. It is not wise to make precision cuts with an abrasive disk as it is hard to get a clean line and thus, damage to the coating is more likely.

Roof cladding is one of the exciting services we offer here at Valent Roofing which is why we decided to dedicate a blog to provide our readers with a few industry tips! For more information when it comes to industrial roofing, get in contact with a member of the team today!


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