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Top Two Industrial Roofing Materials

Whatever the use of your industrial building, having the right roofing material is just as important as having the right brick material. Here are the top two industrial roofing materials…

Twin Skin Roofing

A cheaper option when it comes to choosing a roofing material, this material is very durable. What you save in price however, you may spend in labour as the installation of this roofing is timely and each piece/layer must be installed individually. This does offer flexibility in choice as the owner of the building is able to pick and choose how thick they would like the roof to be as each layer is installed. It also allows for the choice of a specific top layer. Plus, during repairs, twin skin roofing can be easier to fix.

Composite Roofing

This type of roofing could be seen as the most popular and commonly used, particularly for warehouse and industrial use. It is comprised of pre-assembled structures with insulation sandwiched inside between the upper and lower sections/panels. This means that it is fairly simple and easy to construct and is very quick to fix if any repairs were needed. Composite roofing and twin skin roofing materials are fairly similar, if not the same, material when it comes to comparing them side by side- however composite roofing is supplied as a ready product, meaning that it is very quick to install whereas twin skin roofing must be installed layer by layer separately.

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