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Valent Roofing Gearing Up For A Busy Christmas!

As unbelievable as it may sound, November is already coming to an end and that means that Christmas is just a few weeks away. Brace yourselves for a month full of mince pies, cheesy songs and tear-jerking adverts, because it’s almost time to get into that festive spirit once again. At this time of year, things can get a little quiet here in the roofing industry; however, this year we are in the fortunate position of having plenty to be getting on with.

Here at Valent Roofing, we provide a wide range of excellent services that are all designed to offer clients an efficient roofing solution. From rain cladding systems to the installation of industrial roofing, our experts have experience working on a wealth of different projects, and it’s good to see that word of our excellent service seems to be spreading.

As we carry on towards the inevitable arrival of Christmas and New Year, we’re finding ourselves to be very busy here, and we’re working on a couple of really exciting projects that we thought you’d like to hear a little bit about.

Block 15, Alderley Edge

It was back in January when planning permission was finally granted for the redevelopment of a group of buildings at Alderley Park over in Alderley Edge. These buildings were previously known as the Central Toxicology Laboratories (CTL), but they haven’t been used for over ten years- and are now simply known as Block 15. And as you’ve probably guessed, Valent Roofing have been brought on to handle some of the redevelopment!

The renovation is geared towards creating more offices, laboratories and manufacturing facilities, and we’re sure that locals are thrilled to see that something is finally happening with the buildings. We’ve  been busy designing and installing a brand new roof to go on top of the new steel frame building since August, and we expect the work to be done by the end of January/start of February. Keep an eye out for the finished project, as it’s going to be a perfect example of the high quality work that we are able to provide!

Today’s Community Church, Wigan

Another project that we’re expecting to have done by the end of January is our work on Today’s Community Church in Wigan. The project involves the building of a brand new auditorium, which will end the area’s 30-year-wait for a four figure seater concert hall. Today’s Church have first refusal on the brand new arena, but it’s expected to be used for a variety of uses- such as different events, meetings and conferences.

The project has involved the building of a new steel frame structure, and we at Valent Roofing are going to be supplying the roof. Although our work will be done by the end of January, the auditorium itself won’t open for another couple of months after that- but it’s going to be a grand opening night at the end of March, and we’re very excited to be part of such a big project.


These are just a couple of examples of the industrial roofing work we’re going to be doing over the next couple of months, and so keep an eye on our blog for any further updates as to what we’ve been up to!


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