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Why Is Roofing So Dangerous

Every industry comes with its own risks. For example, a police officer deals with violent individuals on a daily basis, a firefighters runs head first into blazing flames every time they receive a call and roadside workers place their life in the hands of thousands of vehicle users every day. Roofing is no exception to this rule. In fact, roofing is a field that people think is risk free without completely understanding the danger that lies within. In reality, a roofer must be strong, smart and very tough in order to stand a chance in the industry. Here are a few reasons why roofing is such a dangerous career choice…

  • As roofs are obviously located so high up, roofers are always at a risk of falling. Whether a fall occurs whilst climbing or scaling down a ladder or from a slip on a tile, the damage is almost always serious. This is because the brunt of the accident falls on bone structures like the spine or the hips. Plus, there is the risk of a serious head injury taking place.
  • The reason that people have called in professional roofers is because their roof is unsafe for use. It is part of the job risk that roofers will climb on top of these unsound structures in order to fix them and get them back to full working order for clients. This, unfortunately, increases the risk of a fall as a seriously damaged roof is likely to have slippery tiles or unsafe wooden beams.
  • Being so high up, it is not uncommon for a roofers depth perception to suffer. In fact, even the most experienced roofer has been known to complain that their perception changes when they are mid-project on top of a roof, causing them to slip or lose their balance. As a roof is never flat or completely stable, judging the surroundings incorrectly can be very dangerous.

Valent Roofing

Here at Valent Roofing in Manchester, we ensure that all of our staff carry out all of the requirements necessary to ensure that they complete a roofing project safely. Despite this, no health and safety course can prevent an accident on the job and sometimes dangerous situations do arise.

It is important that all roofers are experienced and knowledgeable enough to handle these problems should they arise. For more information about the roofing industry, get in contact with the best industrial roofing company around today!


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