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3 Reasons Why a Building Needs a Roof

The roof has been a staple of property design for centuries and it doesn’t look like the industry is showing signs of slowing down. After all, there are a variety of different materials, designs and styles available on the market for people to choose from, which means that there is no need for property owners to settle for a carbon copy of their neighbour’s roof. Here at Valent Roofing, we know everything there is to know about the installation and maintenance of a high-quality roof, however, we want to emphasise the reasoning behind their whole existence. Read on as we go over three reasons why every building needs a roof…

How does a roof protect against the weather?

A roof is the perfect way to protect a property against the elements and Mother Nature’s wrath and is perhaps the number one reason why they are essential. After all, a well-designed and expertly installed roof can last between 20 and 100 years depending on the type of material that is used and the quality of the maintenance that is provided. This means that a roof can protect against heavy rainfall, strong winds and even torrential storms.

Does a roof promote energy efficiency?

Heating a home is getting more and more expensive each year, however, the energy companies are not always to blame. After all, it is vital that a property is designed with energy efficiency in mind in order to reduce costs and retain heat. In fact, this concept starts with the roof as hot air rises and a lack of high-quality roof insulation can lead to avoidable energy loss and force homeowners to use more energy to get the same results. Luckily, a well-designed roof can help reduce energy costs over time.

Are roofs important for ventilation?

Ventilation is the flow of air in and out of a property and it is considered an essential component in the design of a roof. After all, hot air will rise towards the top of the building and, without ventilation, condense on the nearest surface. A roof is the easiest place to install high-quality ventilation measures which will help reduce condensation and protect a property from moisture damage.

Regardless of whether it is commercial or residential, it is important that every property owner provides high-quality maintenance and routine inspections for their roof. After all, the signs of damage can be subtle and it is important that any problems are found and repaired promptly in order to save money and ensure longevity. To find out more information about taking care of a roof, get in contact with the industrial roofing experts at Valent Roofing today!


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