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Why You Should Always Use Approved Roofing Contractors

We see many people stung by the mistake of hiring unapproved roofing contractors, all sucked in by their one single appeal: they are cheaper. With all roofing, from basic repairs to complete installation, it is tempting to try and keep the budget to a minimum by turning to unaccredited tradesmen, but the problem is these choices put your roof in the hands of untrustworthy contractors.

It is important that you are able to recognise the signs and avoid the problem of hiring an unapproved roofing contractor, because once you have been stung, the cost of that leaky roof will cost you what the original scammers charged you, plus the cost of hiring an accredited, professional contractor to remedy the problem.

Under-qualified roofers aren’t just unaware of industry standards, they can also put lives at risk. Under a scam roofing contractor your roof will be constructed using low-quality materials, and the roofers themselves generally lack insurance and a company registration which helps protect you and other workers in the face of any accidents.

Also, they are unable to supply you with a guarantee upon completion, meaning your faulty roof that you paid for, is now completely out of their hands, so don’t expect them to come back for any follow up visits or to amend any problems that may arise in the future.

How to avoid unapproved roofing contractors

When you are on the lookout for a roofing contractor, there are a few sure-fire ways to guarantee that you are getting the right team for the job in hand: recommendations are also a guarantee of quality and service, if you can get one. Word of mouth from a trusted colleague or friend is one of the most secure ways of guaranteeing that a roofing contractor is the real deal, or you can take recommendations from third party organisations who independently review and assess the validity of accreditation for you. This way if you need domestic or industrial roofing in Manchester, you can do so without hiring inexperienced and unapproved roofers.  


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