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A Wise Choice | Exterior Cladding

More and more every year, one of the most commonly seen features of modern buildings is the sleek, efficient look of metal  exterior cladding forming a protective outer shell against rain, wind, and other hazards that might seriously erode at the condition of the construction. The cladding is highly effective even when it comes to fire protection, and as opposed to older styled corrugated panels it creates a highly attractive and professional aesthetic that is quickly becoming a standard sight in built up urban centres where businesses and commerce boom and thrive.

Our insulated cladding also provides a fantastic way to ensure your building retains the maximum amount of heat possible, ensuring that you keep your heating costs down whilst providing a pleasantly warm environment for any employees or workers that may be inside it on those colder days. This also means that you reduce the hassle and cost of insulating your building separately after we’re finished, as the cladding itself acts as solid insulation even during the freezing winter months.

The panels we use are provided by Kingspan, who are able to guarantee the highest standards of quality alongside the expertise we possess when it comes to their installation. You won’t have to worry for a moment when it comes to fitting cladding, as we are also able to supply specialist engineers to strip and re-clad any old buildings that might require a significant refurbishment. This includes the removal of asbestos materials in order to use safer, newer ones in their place, to not only give your property a fresh new look but a whole new standard of safety on top of that.

At Valent Roofing Services, we’re experts on everything to do with industrial roofing, cladding and roof repair, if you feel you could benefit from our exterior cladding services, then we’d only be too happy to help you out. Don’t hesitate to get in touch as soon as possible; you can find our contact details online only a simple click away. Our professional and friendly team will be happy to take your call, and we can discuss the details of what exactly we can do for you. We hope to hear from you soon!

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