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Can Animals Damage Your Roof?

Keeping an eye on the roof is something that all homeowners should do from time to time. After all, in a very short amount of time an easily solved problem can become a giant headache and result in a rather large pay out. From the weather to general wear and tear, there are a whole range of different things that can cause your roof to become damaged. Despite this, did you know that animals can actually inflict harm too? Luckily the team here at Valent Roofing are going to tell you everything you need to know…


As a tricky critter, a squirrel is not only difficult to catch but can also be rather dangerous. After all, they are wild animals. You may find that the neighbourhood squirrel whose face looks like butter wouldn’t melt could actually cause you a whole other world worth of roof related troubles. In fact, a church in Didcot had to spent £37,000 having their shingle tiles replaced after a pesky little squirrel ate through them. If you see one hanging around your roof, make sure it isn’t up to any funny business!


Nobody wants to think about having rodents inside their home however the reality is that rats and mice find their way in more often than we think – we just never seem to see them when they are scurrying past. With this said, mice and rats can damage the wooden beams of a roof and if they start having litter, your problem will become even harder to solve. Once you see one within your home, call an animal service in order to have them removed.


Although they have the ability to fly, birds seem to love hanging out on top of roofs. In fact, they love causing mayhem too. Many birds like pigeons, seagulls and crows are known to cause a lot of harm when it comes to roofs however nobody seems to know why. From pecking on the materials and causing damage over time to dropping rocks onto a roof entirely made from glass in Carlisle’s train station, birds that have become frequently acquainted with your roof should be moved along and you should have your roof inspected for signs of damage.

Who would have thought that animals could cause so much stress when it comes to a simple roof? Here at Valent Roofing, we may not be equipped to handle your animal related woes however we are certainly able to help you fix the damage they may have caused! For more information, contact Valent Roofing and speak to a member of the best industrial roofing company around today!


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