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Flat Roof Related Problems

With modern design taking over, more and more people are choosing to style their home with a flat roof. After all, it has the potential to look trendy and can match some serious aesthetics. On the other hand it can also be the biggest mistake of your life, especially if you do not carry out the correct research beforehand. In order to offer a helping hand, the team here at Valent have decided to put together a few of the problems that can occur with a flat roof…


Due to the way it is designed it is not uncommon for a flat roof to suffer from leaks more often than a regular shaped roof due to the fact that they are practically parallel to the ground. This means that the water is less likely to run off. In order to prevent this you should ensure that you check regularly for leaks.

Buckling Asphalt

Most flat roofs tend to be sealed with a membrane of asphalt that is designed into order to help protect the roof from water damage and radiation rays however over a prolonged amount of time this asphalt can shift, causing the membrane to buckle. If it is not tended to quickly, a bucked asphalt layer can be a costly pay-out to fix.

Standing Water

Similar to the idea of leaking, a flat roof does not allow much wiggle room when it comes to allowing rainwater to run off and sometimes standing water pools can develop. They are most common after heavy rainfall and storms. If you allow these pools to sit for several days, the material your roof is made from can become damaged and need replacing.

Here at Valent Roofing, we are the experts when it comes to everything related to your roof. From spotting the signs of a water leak to organising a complete refurbishment, there is no better company to consult when it comes to industrial roofing! For more information, get in contact with a member of the team today!

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