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Capable Cladding – Industrial Cladding Manchester


Looking to treat your property to an extra layer of protection courtesy of industrial cladding? We couldn’t blame you, especially after the weather’s been so sporadic these last few months. Luckily, you’ve arrived in the right place to get your hands on some top quality work – as well as top quality industrial roofing, we’re also able to lend our expert services as experts in the field of industrial cladding.

Industrial cladding is every bit as effective at repelling the weather as industrial roofing, especially with the rain proof components we utilise, and it can work in tandem with a top quality roof to give your buildings the very best protection on the market today. As well as fighting off the rain and wind, all of our panels are insulated, fire-safe and fibre-free in order to give you the maximum amount of safety possible.

What’s more, just like with our industrial roofing, we can accept any plans and designs you had for your industrial cladding installation, and we might even be able to suggest improvements if possible. We can guarantee a close match with your original vision, however, especially as we utilise wall panels that are able to flexibly adapt to any shape of building you might have.

If you’re interested in our top quality industrial cladding, but your building has an old set of cladding that you think might prove obstructive – don’t worry! Our stripping and re-cladding service ensures that your property doesn’t have to be a building that’s never had industrial cladding applied to it, as we’ll skilfully remove the existing cladding and replace it with brand new, cutting-edge components and materials.

As specialist industrial roofing contractors based in Manchester, Valent Roofing is the first choice for a huge number of people looking to get their hands on top quality industrial roofing and industrial cladding services that will last for years and years to come. If you think that what we’ve got to offer is the ideal thing for you, just get in contact and let our industrial roofing services create something truly special for you!

Capable Cladding – Industrial Cladding Manchester

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