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Industrial Roofing

Choosing the Perfect Industrial Roofing Solution

Roofing is one of the key elements of any factory building or structure, and choosing the wrong type of industrial roofing can often lead to additional costs or even more significant consequences down the line.

This decision should not, however, be either linear or spur-of-the-moment; there are a number of factors which should be considered when picking the right type of industrial roofing, and the key ones among these are listed in the lines below.

Intended Lifespan

One of the factors to consider when choosing the right type of industrial roofing for a building is its intended lifespan. A building which is meant to last or which will be owned by the company for a number of years needs a sturdy roof which will last just as long.

Intended Purpose

The type of industrial roofing chosen should, similarly reflect the intended purpose of the building, and be suitable for it. A factory producing hazardous chemicals, for instance, should ensure its roof is resistant to such materials, to prevent both damage and potential leakage.

Wear and Tear

The level of wear and tear the roof will be subjected to should also be considered when choosing the right type of industrial roofing. Rooves which will be frequently accessed or walked on will suffer more wear and tear, and should therefore be able to withstand an even higher level of usage than usual.


Finally, factory-owners should be careful to ensure that, no matter what type of industrial roofing they end up installing, it adheres to government regulations and does not violate any standards imposed by regulating authorities.

These are only some of the key factors to consider when picking out a type of industrial roofing for a factory building. Factory-owners unsure of how best to go about this process are, similarly, urged to contact any of the experts at Valent Roofing, who will gladly answer any questions they may have!

Three Desirable Qualities in an Industrial Roofing Company

Three Desirable Qualities in an Industrial Roofing Company

Industrial roofing is one of the most perpetually in-demand services in the construction industry. Most factories either install or renew their roofing on a regular basis, and other facilities, such as sports pavilions, quite often make use of this type of covering as well. As such, it is hardly surprising that industrial roofing companies the world over find themselves in frequent demand.

Yet, as with everything, it is necessary to separate the wheat from the chaff when choosing an industrial roofing company. Listed below are three qualities which, if assessed, might help make that choice easier.


In the industrial roofing industry, longevity equals quality. Customers are therefore advised to choose a company which has been around for at least a few years, and possesses a proven and demonstrable portfolio of previous work. Valent Roofing, for instance, has been around for over twenty years, and that wealth of experience is a selling point for many of our customers.

High Standards

High standards, both in terms of materials and craftsmanship, are another very desirable trait for an industrial roofing company to have. Settling for a company with lower standards might see property owners forced to mend or replace their rooves after a relatively short period of time; as such, it is better to spend a little more and ensure the work is done to a satisfactory standard. Valent Roofing prides itself on a wealth of satisfied customers, and most of that comes from the high standards we impose ourselves.


Finally, it is important that the industrial roofing company’s professionals be demonstrably knowledgeable in all areas of the job, from safety to equipment handling and working methods. Valent Roofing is careful to only employ knowledgeable and experienced professionals, in order to ensure our customers are not disappointed.

These, then, are perhaps the most important qualities an industrial roofing company could have; and at Valent Roofing, we are proud to boast every single one of them!

The Two Types of Industrial Roofing Design

The Two Types of Industrial Roofing Design

An old saying among manufacturing professionals states that ‘thirty percent of your building protects one hundred percent of your goods.’ Said thirty percent refers to roofing, arguably the most important part of any industrial building. More than any other part of the building, industrial roofing needs to be carefully picked out, to ensure sturdiness and protection against the elements.

However, as with most other things in life, not all industrial roofing is created equal. On the contrary, there are several types of industrial roofs to choose from, of which the two most common are the pitched type and the flat type. Each of these variants has its own advantages and specificities, which the lines below expand upon.

Flat Industrial Roofing                                                          

Flat industrial roofs are usually fastened directly to the ceiling joints and covered with a single-ply layer of weatherproof roofing felt. This type of roof is usually best suited to smaller buildings, such as annexes to a larger structure or even a smaller-sized factory.

As compared to their pitched counterparts, flat roofs tend to be easier to erect and more cost-effective; however, the flipside of this is that flat industrial roofing tends to have a shorter lifespan than the pitched type, being more susceptible to wear and tear and requiring a larger degree of maintenance.

Pitched Industrial Roofing

Pitched industrial roofing is formed of two slopes which come to a peak, not unlike a domestic roof. This type of roofing is highly popular in the industrial sector for its longevity, durability, additional insulation and the storage space it provides. However, pitched roofs also tend to have higher design and construction costs than flat ones, which should be taken into account by companies and factories on a budget.

Ultimately, it is up to each industrialist to decide which type of industrial roofing best suits his or her needs and budget. At Valent Roofing, we are happy to install either variant, as requested!

Industrial Roofing in Manchester

Innovative Insulation

It isn’t always obvious how best to get the very best insulation possible for your property.  That’s true for both residential and commercial properties. It doesn’t diminish its importance, of course! As any owner of either can testify, making sure that your building is as well insulated as possible is crucial to smooth and inexpensive running on a day to day basis.  A badly insulated property will drive costs up and contribute to a cold and unpleasant environment for anyone inside.

No-one wants that, so make sure you know that we here at Valent Roofing are always at the ready to provide industrial roofing that exhibits the finest standards of insulation.

Industrial Roofing Manchester

It’s true! Top quality industrial roofing Manchester-wide and beyond is certainly one of the simplest and most effective ways to go about securing insulation for both residential and commercial properties, no matter how large or small they may be. With the proper care and attention provided, as well as the right procedures and standards of professionalism, industrial roofing is more than able to create a solid, insulated ceiling that keeps heat in and prevents heating bills from rising during the winter time. Even wall cladding with the correct, modern components can serve to trap heat and guarantee you outstanding levels of insulation!

The expert team here at Valent Roofing knows exactly how to bring you the very finest industrial roofing and cladding every time you need it. Ensuring that you never have to settle for less than the best. We strive to provide every customer with the best we can do, guaranteeing an individually tailored service to anyone who needs it –so why not pick up the phone and let us know what you’re looking for as soon as you can?

If you’re on the lookout for the very best industrial roofing Manchester has to offer, make sure you don’t wait to let us know all about it. There’s really nothing like the specialist treatment our team can provide. So get in contact as soon as you can either by phone or email and we’ll make sure you receive a standout service that you just couldn’t do without!

Taking Every Safety Measure with Industrial Roofing

Taking Every Safety Measure with Industrial Roofing

On the lookout for a contractor perfect for providing industrial roofing Manchester-wide? What about one that guaranteed to prioritise safety and quality above all? It’s our belief that industrial roofing Manchester-wide can only reach its full potential when all precautionary measures are undertaken, and all proper safety guidelines are followed, and it’s certainly true that accidents can be avoided completely by simply ensuring that no corners are ever cut. That should go without saying, but trust us, we’ve seen some seriously dodgy dealings in our time!

Nobody likes a botch job, especially when there’s risk to property and personnel putting everything in place, which is exactly why the team here at Valent Roofing is always ready and waiting to provide a service you can trust. We’ll work as closely with you as possible, guaranteeing an end result that looks exactly like you imagined and performs even better – all without causing unnecessary risk, needless to say!

So, whether you need high quality wall cladding or some of the very best industrial roofing Manchester  has going for it, the team found here at Valent Roofing is always ready and waiting to go that extra mile in order to guarantee all work is carried out to unbeatable standards of safety. Make sure you don’t wait to pick up the phone and give us a call next time you notice some wear and tear on your industrial roofing, or if you have cladding that’s definitely starting to show signs of age. We’ll be down in no time at all!

Here at Valent Roofing, we pride ourselves on our standards of safety, so why not get in touch if what we have to offer sounds like just the thing you’ve been looking for? We’re always looking to deliver a safe and secure service that promises the finest industrial roofing Manchester has to offer, and our contact details are never more than a mouse click away. Don’t delay!

Make it Metal

Make it Metal

We here at Valent Roofing are leading providers of sturdy metal industrial roofing installations, providing expert services all the way from design to installation and even the maintenance beyond that, but just what are the benefits of a metal roof that you wouldn’t find anywhere else?

Well, for one, industrial roofing created from metal has the unique benefit of being tremendously lightweight and easy to install as a result, yet no compromise is made in the way of resilience just because of that huge saving on weight you can look here. Metal is also exceptional when it comes to matters of heat, being able to conduct it during those fantastically warm summer months and being equally able to resist fire in accordance with the highest standards of safety.

Add to that our incredibly bespoke approach to the whole process, which incorporates both our many years of expertise and specialist techniques that won’t disappoint, and it shouldn’t be too hard to tell why so many people turn to us when they need nothing but the best metal industrial roofing.

We’ll take the impressive lifespan of your roof and ensure that it has the very best chance to last for decades, with expert installation and design both ensuring that you’ll be enjoying a pristine industrial roofing installation for as long as possible. Our comprehensive aftercare service will make sure of that, with maintenance and repair services provided regularly and rapidly when you need an emergency fix.

The team here at Valent Roofing are big fans of industrial roofing that makes full use of the many benefits and advantages that metal offers, after all, so it makes sense that we’ll always jump at the chance to create our very own top quality metal industrial roofing when the chance arises. We’re always looking to craft the perfect roof, too, and it’s often the case that metal is undeniably the best material choice for the job. Why not get in touch if you feel as if our services could benefit you today?

If you feel as if your property could do with the tremendous quality offered by our metal industrial roofing and more, don’t wait to let Valent Roofing know about it! Simply make sure you get in contact with our team, either by phone or email, and we’ll guarantee that you’ll find the answers to all the questions you might have regarding our metal industrial roofing and more.

Trust Building | Industrial Roofing Contractors

If you have ever had a bad experience with industrial roofing contractors, you don’t need us to tell you how it can seriously damage your trust when it comes to future projects. It always helps to check that your chosen contractors have a good reputation for the work they do, but you can’t always avoid running into trouble later on.

As industrial roofing contractors we here at Valent Roofing understand just how important it is to have a great relationship with our clients, and you can rest assured that we will never let you down. Trust is incredibly important to us as it not only guarantees a positive working relationship between contractor and client, but it also forms a completely necessary part of how our company functions.

We pride ourselves on being able to bring you industrial roofing which looks and performs to the highest standards, whilst also ensuring that the end product will look exactly like you wanted it to – or even designed it to! You can always feel free to send us any existing plans or drawings you have for your industrial roofing or cladding, and we’ll always take it closely into consideration before we even think about beginning. We’ll then run it by you to check that you’re very happy with the plan, needless to say!

What’s more, we’re always able to come and see your property first hand, and survey exactly what’s needed! We wouldn’t be rated as some of the very best professionals when it comes to industrial roofing in Manchester otherwise, though our talents for creating industrial roofing and cladding which truly shines don’t hurt either!

If you’re looking for highly trustworthy industrial roofing contractors to carry out the best industrial roofing jobs, well, you’ve definitely come to the right place here at Valent Roofing. Pick up the phone or get in contact by email, and our full range of services will be yours to command!

Trust Building Industrial Roofing Contractors

Manage Your Maintenance | Roofing Services Manchester

As a residential property owner, it’s always wise to consider it your responsibility to ensure that your home and roof is kept in a pristine condition whenever the opportunity arises. Your family lives in your house with you, and the last thing you’d want is to run into highly inconveniencing problems which have an impact on their daily lives. The same goes for those of us with industrial properties, naturally, especially when you have employees to keep safe and dry or you simply want to avoid unnecessary costs on account of neglected industrial roofing. This is where you need expert roofing services Manchester wide.

One of the most important parts of any industrial building lies with that industrial roofing, so it really does pay to keep it up to date. That’s why we here at Valent Roofing offer an incredible industrial roofing service Manchester and North West wide, at such a great price, but what are the main advantages of calling us down to work our magic?

Well, for one, proper maintenance on your industrial roofing is guaranteed to save you money. Even something as basic as cleaning can prevent the need for further maintenance in many cases, though it’s not just a case of getting up there yourself with a high pressure washer and just blasting away on the moss and algae covering your industrial roofing! The right techniques and the proper care by industrial roofing professionals like our team can make all the difference!Movie Rings (2017)

There’s also the fact that your industrial roofing will present a much more attractive image for clients and customers when you take the time to keep it pristine, allowing your business or industry to deliver confidence in the services that it provides. First impressions are everything, after all, though the practicality and protection that a well maintained industrial roofing installation offers is nothing to shake a stick at! Why not get your own industrial roofing looking as good as it can do?

The benefits of getting your roofing services Manchester-wide refurbished and repair are all too clear to see, so make sure you have the expert services of Valent Roofing on your side when it comes to getting everything carried out and put in place. All you need to do is get in contact with our team, and we’ll soon be down to inspect what needs doing with regards to your industrial roofing and how best we can do it.

roofing services Manchester

Problem Free Roofing Services

Here at Valent Roofing, we deliver reliable industrial roofing services. We think that it always pays to be prepared if you want to keep your own industrial roofing looking and working perfectly, so we thought we’d rustle up some of the worst and most common offenders when it comes to problems you and your industrial roofing Manchester-wide might run into.

The weather is of course a given, especially when your building is living under the constant threat of the sporadic British climate, but have you ever considered other factors such as your guttering? Guttering is just as important a part of your industrial roofing as any other component, and especially during the winter months your gutters can find themselves blocked or backing up. This can lead to a whole range of problems with your industrial roofing Manchester-wide, such as leaks and water ingress, and is best left avoided through proper maintenance and care!

Outside factors such as birds are also a concern, as they’ll pick at your industrial roofing’s materials, leave debris such as sticks and branches or just generally make a mess of your building’s exterior with droppings. Older roofs might need to be seriously reworked due to asbestos, and even damaged roof lighting can have a negative impact. It can all seem like a bit much to deal with, but that’s why industrial roofing professionals such as the team here at Valent Roofing are necessary!

The people you pick to put your industrial roofing services in place are a tremendously important factor in keeping your roof free of problems, as poor workmanship and installation quality can make every existing problem much worse than it should be. In much the same way, any other industrial roofing services such as maintenance and repair which are undertaken without the proper care and attention will lead to an inconvenient and expensive mess.  If you’re interested in getting your hands on the best industrial roofing Manchester has to offer, you’ll need to find the right contractor!

Fortunately, the team here at Valent Roofing will make sure that you’re never left facing a nightmare with your industrial roofing. We know all the ins and outs of creating both industrial roofing and cladding which can perform to a premium standard, and we’re well versed in all manner of tricks that we’ve picked up over the many years we’ve been providing top quality industrial roofing Manchester. All you need to do is let us know what you need and where you need us!

If you require reliable roofing services could benefit from the experienced touch of our roofing services, you need only pick up the phone and get in contact! You can always drop us an email too, so what are you waiting for?


Keeping You Covered – Industrial Roofing Manchester

Keeping You Covered – Industrial Roofing Manchester

When it comes to creating the most reliable industrial roofing Manchester has to offer, we think we’ve got it down! We’ve been in the business for a while now, and it’s safe to say we’ve picked up just about every tip and trick there is to know in the world of industrial roofing and cladding.

Of course, even the incredible industrial roofing Manchester knows us for wouldn’t be much without an equally fantastic standard of service backing it up. We here at Valent Roofing are very proud of the top quality industrial roofing Manchester-wide that we’re able to provide,  so we’ll always go the extra mile to make sure you can be just as happy with the end result as we’re sure to be!
Our services are incredibly varied and individually tailored, especially when your situation may require something a little more specialised than usual. We’ll take into account every detail of what you need and provide the best solution we can, creating industrial roofing Manchester-wide which is as close to your original specification as you want it to be. To that end, we accept plans and drawings in a huge range of formats, where our expert team will decide on the very best material choices.

Things such as efficiency and insulation are incredibly important aspects to consider, and our team will ensure that your industrial roofing Manchester will be the best design it can be – even if you need us to create something very specific for your building! So why not get in touch?

If you’re looking for the best industrial roofing Manchester has to offer, Valent Roofing should certainly be your first port of call. Our team is highly experienced when it comes to matters of repairs, maintenance and modernisation, so don’t hesitate to let us know what you need when it comes to industrial roofing Manchester! Simply get in contact for any of our expert services, and we’ll make sure that you get exactly what you were looking for!


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