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Come In Out of the Rain|Rain Screen Cladding

Are you feeling a little warm recently? Down here at Valent Roofing we certainly feel as if the temperatures have been rising a bit during the day, even if the mornings have been typically chilly, but we can’t be sure with this ever-sporadic British climate! One thing we are sure of, however, is the lack of rain recently! That can be a relief for many of us, as we don’t have to worry about getting wet when we least expect it, but it’s important to remember that it’s always going to come back and likely catch us unaware! This is why it is important to repair your rain screen cladding!

That doesn’t mean you have to be caught unprepared, however, and the same goes for the industrial roofing or cladding of your property! We here at Valent Roofing are always on hand to keep you covered, with a wide range of highly professional services to stop the rain getting you and your buildings down. Our rain screen cladding is the perfect example of this, with top quality products from Alucobond and Ash Tech forming a strong and highly resistant barrier against even the worst of the weather. Similarly, we’ve had experience designing, installing and maintaining roofs in order to make sure there are no leaks and no resulting damages, so you can rest assured that a job carried out by us is one that will be done right!

We’ll work as closely with you as we can for any job, and our specialist team of installation engineers and designers will be able to advise you on the very best material choices if you’re looking at a fresh industrial roofing or cladding installation. So why not give us a call? The sooner you get in touch, the easier it’ll be for us to bring your ideas and designs to life with an experienced and skilful hand!

Here at Valent Roofing, our speciality lies in bringing you the very highest standards of both customer service and quality in every job we carry out. Whether you’ve been looking for industrial roofing, rain screen cladding or you’re in need of a little roof repair, make sure you get in contact as soon as you can and we’ll be able to discuss how best to meet your individual needs before the rain comes back around!


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