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How to improve industrial roofing checks

An industrial roof checklist is essential for every building manager. These maintenance checks are important in ensuring that faults and damage don’t bring a company’s day-to-day operations to a standstill; that minor problems with simple solutions don’t develop into more costly repairs; and that the general aesthetic of the property is kept to a high standard for the sake of visitors.

We understand that a building manager’s responsibilities are extensive and that industrial roof checklists can be complicated and time consuming, so we constantly work on developing examination routines in order to streamline the process as much as possible whilst retaining our high standards of checks so potential problem is overlooked.

These are a few important approaches that we advise to all of our clients to ensure that maintenance checks are carried out swiftly and safely:

Install roof lighting

The winter months in the UK are infamous for a lack of sunlight and cold weather that can cause site managers to hold off from checking the roofing until the weather becomes clearer. Whilst we advise that your yearly checks take place in the summer months for safety purposes, it is important that you give your roof some checks during winter as this is the time of the year that roofs receive the most damage; and if this damage is left for too long it can develop into a much bigger problem.

By having roof lighting installed it makes it much less likely that any damage to the roof is missed due to poor visibility and also speeds up an otherwise lengthy task.

Maintenance contracts

If your roof is prone to minor damages, requiring you to call out a professional each year for repairs, a maintenance contract may be the more valuable option for long-term plans. Rather than constantly paying for repair work to be carried out, a maintenance contract provides peace of mind as a professional will visit your site on regular intervals to carry out a thorough examination of the entire roof system and repair any problems immediately.

We check industrial roofing in Manchester and the surrounding areas. If you think a maintenance contract may be something you are interested in, contact the team today for more information.


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