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Digital leak detection can help speed up roof management checks

One common problem that affects all roofs – both flat and pitched – is that of leakages. Modern industrial flat roofing utilises modern technologies, cutting edge construction methods and state of the art tools to create the most watertight roofing solutions ever, but unfortunately, the voracity of nature is never ending and strong weather conditions will always be able to cause a leak to occur over time, usually at the most inopportune time.

Regular roof checks are an essential part of any building manager’s timetable, ensuring that any leak that may occur is identified quickly and dealt with in the timeliest manner.

The problem is, sometimes leaks can be very difficult to see at a glance, and if a leak is not identified and is left without treatment, they can cause thousands of pounds worth of damage, not just to the roof itself but to the interior of the building, machinery and products.

Leaks left to worsen are able to cause extensive damage and have also been known to force company warehouses to close down for a period of time until the leak is dealt with. Something many companies cannot afford to do.

A new way to check for leaks

One system that can be used on any industrial flat roof is an electronic leak detection system. This is a non-invasive means of detecting even the smallest pinhole leaks in a flat roof membrane. With an electronic detector in place, any leak that occurs can be identified within millimetre accuracy immediately. This way repairs can begin almost immediately from the onset of a leak occurring.

Electronic leak detection tests have been shown to be one of the most accurate and timely methods for inspecting roofing. Because it is non-invasive and requires little man power, a complete check can be completed in almost no time at all, considerably speeding up the process of  checking a roof and freeing up building managers to get on with other things, safe in the knowledge that industrial roofing in Manchester is completely water tight.


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