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Why you should consider a new industrial roof in 2020

Here at Valent Roofing we install, repair and maintain industrial roofing across the UK throughout the year and we believe that if your current roof is becoming a little dated, then the start of 2020 is the perfect time to invest in a quality new roofing system.

We are currently at the pinnacle of cutting-edge roofing installation technologies and installation techniques, allowing us to design, fabricate and install bespoke roofing systems to fit any commercial property quicker and easier than ever before. These modern systems reduce the dramatic costs of older installations that utilised dated and uneconomical approaches, helping you save money on the initial stages of production. And also helping you save money in the long run.

Modern industrial roofing is also some of the most economical in terms of insulation and energy saving additions. Where old roofing systems were poor at maintaining constant temperatures that were either comfortable enough for workers during winter and cool enough for certain types of perishable products during the summer months, newer innovations in roofing means that they are as well insulated as they have ever been. Not only are they much more efficient at maintaining interior temperatures, they are able to help companies cut down on their energy uses, helping reduce those energy bills and allowing companies to become greener in the process.

Most companies looking to install a new roof tend to do so in the summer months. This creates a backlog as companies become inundated with applications, meaning you may be waiting longer for your roof installation to get underway.

The start of the year is a quieter time for roofing installation, which makes it the perfect time to get the ball rolling and have your roof installed in time for summer. As it is a quieter time, you may also be able to secure a deal on your installation costs when you look for a new roof.

If you want more information on industrial roofing in Manchester then get in touch with our team here at Valent Roofing now.


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