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What is cladding used for?

After the events at Grenfell tower, June 2017, the word ‘cladding’ has been mentioned heavily in the media. The role that unsafe cladding played in the rapid spread of the fire has unfortunately led many to believe that all cladding is unsafe. We want to shine a light on some of the myths around cladding.

Few people know exactly what cladding is or what it is used for. But we want to make sure that people don’t worry about cladding, as it is actually a useful building application used on walls and roofs for both residential and commercial buildings.

Cladding is actually the application of separate materials over the top of each other. Construction cladding, the likes of which we install on walls and rooftops, is used to provide thermal insulation, weather resistance and to help improve the aesthetic of a building. Cladding can also reduce noise pollution by reducing noise leaving and entering a building.

What is cladding made from?

Cladding can be made up of a number of different materials – from wood, metal, brick and vinyl, to composite materials that can include aluminium, wood, blends of cement and recycled polystyrene, even wheat/straw and fibres.

As materials are layered on top of the other, a slight space is left between the cladding and the wall to allow rainwater to flow down and prevent it from entering the building or building up on the exterior walls.

Here at Valent Roofing we provide reliable cladding solutions as well as industrial roofing in Manchester. Our team will visit your site and advise you on the best cladding application for you and for your property.

For more information, contact the team today and we’ll be happy to run through our entire cladding packages that we have on offer. Industrial cladding should always be installed by a trusted team of professionals. Not only does this provide you with the peace of mind that your cladding is safe, it will also be built to last.


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