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The industrial roofing industry implementation of drones

Remote controlled drones are very quickly integrating into all parts of life – from construction to policing, surveillance to delivery systems, drones are quickly opening up possibilities for a number of industries, allowing them to circumvent problems and approach challenges in new and exciting ways.

One industry that is also benefitting from the implementation of drones is ours. The industrial roofing industry has long relied on cranes and other expensive and space consuming systems in order to construct and place our industrial roofing solutions.

Drones are in their infancy at the moment. And the market is currently dominated by smaller, lighter drones but there are larger, more industry focused drones that are perfect for the roofing industry on many levels. This is because a lot of current methods for installing, inspecting and maintaining roofs are cumbersome and time consuming, requiring industry experts to inspect the property by hand by climbing on to the roof personally and taking note of the problems.

Smart investing

Drones allow industry companies to reduce costs by performing roof assessment quickly and accurately with real time data and extensive details through a single operator. By rapidly reducing personnel requirements as well as better managing the time it takes to perform otherwise lengthy tasks benefits both the industry itself and the clients.


By eliminating the need for workers to constantly be required to climb structures in order to inspect them drones are able to increase worker safety. Drones can report a full assessment of conditions without a worker ever having to leave the ground. Because drones are able to increase the speed in which preventative assessment can be undertaken, the work can be performed more often, greatly reducing the chance of noticing the beginning of a major incident.

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