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Lets Talk About EPDM Roofs

Here at Valent Roofing we like to keep on top of the latest trends as much as possible in order to ensure that we can help our readers and clients with any questions they may have. In fact, one of the most innovative methods of roofing coming into light is the act of using EPDM rubber. Whilst this sounds like an obscure material choice, this synthetic rubber can actually provide a wide range of benefits. Read on to find out more information about Ethylene Propylene Diene Rubber…

What is an EPDM?

EPDM is an rubbery material that is made up of chain like molecules known as polymers. Interestingly, the ‘elastic polymer’ gets its name from the ability return to their original shape after being stretched and manipulated beyond fathomable limitations. Creating a roof from EPDM has been shown to provide a range of long term and economical benefits that can’t be found with other elastomers.


  • EPDM can have a long lifespan when it is correctly taken care off in comparison to other materials and membranes which can make it an extremely cost effective choice. Of course, the start up fee with this type of roof is more expensive than a typical singles roof but the longevity is more than worth it.


  • An EPDM roof is extremely weather resistant and can withstand extreme temperatures between -150 and -50 degrees Celsius with ease. In fact, wind and rainwater has little or no impact on the material too and the EPDM can even act as an insulator in order to keep winters warm and summers cool.


  • Since this type of material can be reused and has a long lifespan, many people view it as an eco-friendly option that can provide many more benefits than its counterparts without harming the environment in the process. In fact, EPDM is thought to be the leading roofing material for environmental sustainability.

Roofing is our expertise here at Valent Roofing and we like to stay in the loop with the latest trends that are taking over. After all, EPDM roofs are not exactly a specialty of industrial roofing! Never the less, we believe that knowledge is vital in providing a five star service for all of our customers. To find out more information, get in contact with a member of the team today!

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