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Pitched Roof vs Flat Roof

Since many homes are built with a pitched roof, the vast majority of people do not know that there are actually a range of different types of roof on the market. In fact, if you ever consider having a conversion then you will be shocked to find how varied the industry actually is. In order to keep it simple, the team here at Valent Roofing have decided to look into the difference between pitched roofs and flat roofs…

Pitched Roof

As the most common type of roof around, a pitched roof has two slopes on either side that are steep or gradual which rise to a peak in the centre. This is a great way to gain extra storage space in a house as the loft area is often too small to house a bedroom. This is particularly advantageous in comparison to a flat roof as the extra space can be crucial, especially in a small property. In addition to this, pitched roofs have a considerably promising lifespan when they are correctly installed and the shape of their design means that rainwater will run off, preventing things like pooling from occurring. With this said, a pitched roof is an expensive investment, especially if you are looking to convert from an original flat roof.


On the other hand, the flat roof is a more modern design that is only just coming into it’s own. In fact, the design has only increased in popularity over the past decade when it comes to domestic designs even though many warehouses and factories have been adopting it for years. With this said, there are still some setbacks to the design. After all, a flat roof does not allow rainwater an easy way to escape which could potentially lead to water pools forming on top. On the other hand, a flat roof is much more bank friendly which can be a drawing factor for industrial properties that have a large area to take into consideration.

Here at Valent Roofing we want to make roofing as simple as it can possibly be. After all, alienating customers and clients with jargon terminology and expert information is the worst way to approach a project. The differences between a flat roof and a pitched roof are important when you are considering a conversion which is why the industrial roofing experts here at Valent Roofing have dedicated a blog to the topic. To find out more information, get in contact with a member of the team today!


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