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Metal Roofing Ventilation

Year by year metal roofing increases in population however bad installation is giving the material a bad name. After all, the rules of ventilation remain the same regardless of the material type and metal roofing is no different. In fact, if ventilation is not prioritised with metal roofing it can lead to some dreadful and costly consequences. Here is everything you need to know on the topic…

The Scientific Basics

Roofs are ventilated based on the fact that hot air will rise. This is simple scientific fact that many people know so it is odd to find that bad roofers will construct a metal roof that completely disregards it. Since hot air will rise it is important that nothing blocks it and prevent it from escaping as this can cause humidity to build up and cause warping. By providing vents for the air to exit through, a continuous and natural draft is created.

Intake Vents

Usually intake vents will be installed beneath the eaves of a roof because it is the lowest spot in the entire roof. In fact, this old-fashioned method has been used for quite a long time and involved cutting holes in the soffit boards and replacing g it with vent panels. Larger roofs will require more of these vents as the number is dictates with regards to the surface area of the entire roof.

Gable Vents

This type of vent is often triangular or round and placed at the intersections between roof pitches however since people opt for metal roofing in order to preventing leaks, the idea of cutting a hole in the roof to make room for this type of vent is often met with dismay. With this said, a gable vent is the best choice for people that was to avoid penetrating vents.

Here at Valent Roofing we work hard in order to ensure that all of our industrial roofing projects include high quality ventilation. After all, it the bare necessary of a durable and well-constructed roof. To find out more information about metal roofing installation, get in contact with a member of the team today!


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