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Rain, Rain, Go Away | Rainscreen Cladding

Oh dear, it’s raining again. Maybe it’s time to invest in some rainscreen cladding! If you’re like us, you might have expected it to shine at least a little as we make our way through the middle of spring, but sadly none of us have been so fortunate yet as to stand under a clear blue sky without the threat of heavy clouds lurking on the horizon. We just don’t know when the rain’s going to let us be, but until then we can at least stay as dry as possible. Here at Valent Roofing, we extend that same opportunity to your property, too, so you can breathe a sigh of relief if it’s been a little under the weather!

Rain screen cladding is one of the most effective ways to ensure that you need not ever worry about keeping dry, and it serves a few more purposes than what you might initially expect. As well as its unbeatable protection factor, it is not unlike our standard cladding in that it can provide a sleek, modern, and professional aesthetic sure to strike the right first impressions with anyone who takes a look at the building. As we’re sure you’ll agree the perfectly flat and curve-friendly appearance aluminium panelling is a suitable and appealing alternative to simple brick, and one that really declares you’re keeping up with modern times. It’s also lightweight, cost-effective, and fully recyclable, along with being easy to install both in new builds and over existing cladding – it couldn’t be easier!

So whether it’s a commercial or residential building that you’re looking to keep safe from the rain, Valent Roofing’s rainscreen cladding services and rainwater goods are on hand to make sure that the weather never gets the better of you, and come with a guarantee of quality and customer service you’d be hard pressed to find anywhere else. So why not get in touch as soon as possible? You can find our full contact details online, and our friendly team is on hand to take your call. We look forward to discussing a plan of action with you!

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